Laura Schoch
Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Jewelry Designer, Blogger, Volunteer

Fear Of Missing Out.  We have all experienced it.  You are always missing something when you are doing something else but sometimes it’s easiest to not do it and stay where you are than step outside of your box and see what you are missing.  In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

I spent all of the years that my kids were home… WORKING… and working very long hours.  The first 13 years climbing up the corporate ladder at AT&T and next 15 years owning my own businesses in the fashion industry.  I MISSED a lot and had a lot of mom guilt.  I remember reading an article years ago by some big CEO.  He said that he clearly remembered every single one of the kid’s event that he missed for some “important” work event.  All of the birthdays, soccer games, performances, doctors visits and life moment that he missed.  But what he could not remember …what that important work event was.

2 years ago when my kids went to college and I began looking at my “what’s next” I really explored so many options.  What I wanted most was to work for MYSELF.  I am a very hard worker and I was not about to work that hard for someone else’s success (been there, done that)  I also wanted the flexibility to travel, be with my kids, volunteer and create my jewelry collections.

When this on-line business opportunity came across my plate – I initially said no because I didn’t understand the model and I listened to other people said and I was unsure.  BUT, I was also afraid of missing out on an opportunity so I decided to do some diligence.   I did a lot of research and I asked a lot of questions and I what I discovered was that this business model is exactly where the world is going and exactly what I was looking for.  And the fact that our products are #1 in the nation and we are a billion dollar brand and Forbes and Fortune talk about how great we are was all I needed to jump in.

If you are looking for the opportunity to do something that allows you the flexibility to enjoy all the IMPORTANT things in your life, let’s chat. Like all opportunities,  this is not for everyone.  I’m looking for the right fit and I’d love to share this with you.  To set up your 15 minute informational call with me – please e-mail me –   Please feel free to share!